We produce interior highest quality furniture for your and our delight. We want to provide you with sufficient amount of information, to choose together solution meeting your requirements. Hover over a tile for more info.

Design, functionality and price

It is interesting to observe these three factors. If we prioritize one factor, the other one have to make compromise usually. Each customer has own preferences where he wants to be in this 3D scheme. We try to reveal customer expectations and meet them as good as possible.

Furniture functionability

We try to study "Material flow" around furniture. It means optimalization of commodities storage in kitchens, to minimize master chef movement, for example. We try to design and place furniture such, that you feel comfortable and your needed belongings are accessible. This process takes hours, but we hope that it pay off in your comfort.

Materials recommendation

We have hundreds samples of available laminated materials or foils. Of course we can proceed wood. We are interested in application of construction or decorative materials, metals, doors or walls with digital printed photos or motives...

Material combination

We recommend to place real samples of interior materials together and observe them in interior and natural illumination. Start with materials where is not so many decor choice like tiles, stones, natural wood and finally decide laminated materials or wall painting. We can lend EGGER, KRONOSPAN, PFLEIDERER, Polyrey, Trachea, Grena, REHAU samples for your testing.

Fitting recommendation

We prefer to work with BLUM systems with lifetime guarantee. We can manage BLUM studio visit where you can test all available products and test popular "wheeled kitchen". Cabinets are equipped with wheels and you can setup your own kitchen in few minutes and test its functionality. We can advise where to use concealed hinges, runner systems or lift systems and explain advantages of individual solutions. We have plenty of choice of cabinet handles or install "handle less" solution.


LED illumination brings nearly unlimited possibilities for furniture implementation. Current selection is on very good level including light intensity and temperature. We install sensor ligth switching.


We can prepare 3D interior visualisation on your request. We have EGGER and KRONOSPAN laminates in our database in photorealistic quality. We can manage light angles, its intensity and directions. We can define material reflection to provide with realistic interior visualisation.

Interior measuring

In the case when we need to fit furniture with room construction we measure room dimension before production. We use digital laser measurement units and we use for hidden construction detection ultrasonic gear.


We state clearly scope of delivery, installation and transportation. We finally deliver what we agreed in discussed terms.

On time delivery

We state delivery term in our contract and we fulfill it.

Product installation

We deliver our product in agreed time and install it with full focus for details quality. We clean installation area before we leave.


We will always recommend environmental friendly production. There are usually several options how to produce expected product and so let´s choose right one.